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Don’t be afraid to drop some domains, just make sure to do this one thing when you do
This might end up being my shortest blog post of the year, at the same time it emphasizes one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned buying and selling domain names for the last ten years. And yes, the title really does say it all… “Don’t be afraid to drop some of your domain names” Now […
Morgan Linton  -   2/22/2017 10:56 PM
Get em While they Last! NP’er NameClerk Serving up (free) Available .com Lists
I subscribe to several types of threads on NamePros forum and one of them has become quite active in the last few weeks.  Bill E, of has been posting available .COM lists for several years now on his NamePros thread: Get em While they Last! Available .coms. Bill’s posts almost always have a good […
NameTalent  -   2/22/2017 8:12 PM
Another Short .Com Tops This Week's Domain Sales Chart But This One is Different
We are used to seeing short .com domains at the top of our weekly sales chart but the one that hit #1 this week is out of the ordinary.
DNJournal  -   2/22/2017 7:44 PM
NASA & ICANN : Intelligent domainers might survive outside of our solar system
Today’s announcement of 7 earth-sized exoplanets merely 40 light years away, was met by jubilation among astronomers, domainers and other technology boffins. Discovering a hospitable environment so far away from home means one thing: domain investing and the new gTLDs can propagate for aeons to come. “A lot of domain investors are in fe
DomainGang  -   2/22/2017 6:40 PM
Sync Media Network : Two great videos shot during NamesCon 2017 in Las Vegas
Sync Media Network covers a variety of industry conferences across America, many of which take place in Las Vegas. According to their Facebook page’s statement: “We live cover all conventions and expo’s bringing you the absolute latest in (STEM) Science, Technology, Entertainment, Media.” Videos are shot professionally live,
DomainGang  -   2/22/2017 3:52 PM
Not Responding to an Offer Could Result in a UDRP
I follow UDRP filings and decisions, especially those that involve short, keyword, and other independently valuable .com domain names. One of the things I have noticed is that sometimes companies file UDRP complaints as their “Plan B.” They are willing to buy a particular domain name, but they file a UDRP because the domain owner’  -   2/22/2017 2:35 PM
Full page ads with no domain name? That’s strange.
Why would you spend so much for advertising and not make it easy for people to find you? Over the weekend Bret Fausett posted a picture of a full page ad in the New York Times that didn’t have a domain name. It just had an email address: Someone took a full page ad [… The post Full page ads with no domain name? That’s s
Domain Name Wire  -   2/22/2017 1:42 PM
Hacked ICANN data for sale on black market
If you were a user of ICANN’s Centralized Zone Data Service back in 2014 you may wish to think about changing some passwords today. ICANN has confirmed that a bunch of user names and hashed passwords that were stolen in November 2014 have turned up for sale on the black market. The batch reportedly contains [… Related posts: Human g
DomainIncite  -   2/22/2017 1:31 PM
Uniregistry UniPoke™ to assist with reviving domain transactions
Waiting on a domain seller or buyer to move a limb isn’t fun, and Uniregistry introduces UniPoke™ to assist with domain transactions. “Rolling out exciting new features for our Uniregistry Market is a commitment to the entire domain marketplace, and beyond,” said Uniregistry founder, Frank Schilling. “Let’s be honest h
DomainGang  -   2/22/2017 11:54 AM
.Media domain name sells for $20,500
A .media domain name was sold for $20,500 by a domain investor in a private transaction. The domain was registered on April 1st, 2016 but this is no April fools’ day joke. Seller of the domain name is Phil Harris of The buyer is OP Osuuskunta that is one of the largest financial companies … The post .Media domain nam
Online Domain  -   2/22/2017 11:34 AM
Business Blog Gathering Dust? Here's How to Keep Posting Even When Time Is Tight
Google internet balloon plan snagged in Sri Lanka: minister; Why the Co-For Generation Z, ‘Live Chilling’ Replaces Hanging Out in Person; Founder of Skype Just Raised a $765 Million Fund For European Startups; Samsung Group Heir Jay Y. Lee Is Arrested on Bribery Allegations; How To Establish A World-Class Corporate Brand Licensing Program; The Numb
Frager Factor  -   2/22/2017 11:01 AM
Apple Does It Again: Names It’s New HQ “Apple Park” Doesn’t Own (or the .net or .org)
In a Press Release today, Apple announced that its new Headquarters will be named Apple Park. The new 175-acre HQ will have 12,000 employees in a ring-shaped, 2.8 million-square-foot main building which is clad entirely in the world’s largest panels of curved glass. Apple also announced the theater at Apple Park will be named the [… The post
TheDomains  -   2/22/2017 10:00 AM
16 end user domain name sales up to $45,000
Here are domain names that end users recently bought. What is Feedjit up to with the domain name We’ll have to way to find out why it invested $45,000 in this domain name, but the company has a holding page that says “Get Ready.” was the top reported sale at Sedo this past [… The post 16 end user dom
Domain Name Wire  -   2/22/2017 9:42 AM
Daily Domain Picks 2-22-17
Daily Domain Picks 2-22-17   Go Daddy Auction Picks 2-22-17 Powered by If you are interested in there are a lot on the list today. Public and expired auctions. email marketing product or service. Full List BeyondLim
Hybrid Domainer  -   2/22/2017 9:25 AM
Domain Movers:, + More
Domain Movers is an exclusive series by DotWeekly that focuses on corporate domain name transactions. These are often very early detection’s and there is not always much information relating to the movements but the information is worth noting. Here are the latest movements detected: Emirates has acquired in a mid September 201
DotWeekly  -   2/22/2017 6:42 AM
India’s biggest bank switches to dot-brand
State Bank of India has announced plans to migrate all of its web sites to its new dot-brand gTLD. The company has been responsible for .sbi since it was delegated by ICANN last April, but is its first live domain name. Currently, while is live and resolving, the old domain appears to [… Related posts: World
DomainIncite  -   2/22/2017 4:07 AM
Did Apple Spend $1.5 Million Dollars to Acquire
Apple has acquired the domain name There is a story out tonight in, that “earlier this week, a tipster told AppleInsider that Apple paid some $1.5 million for the domain, but we were unable to confirm the transaction.” “TechCrunch was also unable to corroborate financial details. When asked about the d
TheDomains  -   2/21/2017 11:37 PM
Sam Tseng Joins ParkingCrew, Sevan Derderian Moves to Trellian, NamesCom Coming to India
Several news items for your today. In addition to those in the headline, Sedo has raised their price cap on domains for sale to $50,000.
DNJournal  -   2/21/2017 5:03 PM gets $19 million funding
Data company that uses a new TLD gets more funding. Slowly but surely, businesses that use new top level domain names are becoming more common. Austin, Texas-based has snagged $19 million in funding, bringing its total capital raised to $32.7 million. The company bills itself as a “social network for data people.” It was [
Domain Name Wire  -   2/21/2017 4:52 PM
Sedo weekly sales led by
Sedo released their weekly sales and topped the list at $45,000. The seller was named For Sale, good job with the accurate whois records ICANN. The buyer is Feedjit, Feedjit is based in Seattle, Washington and was founded in 2007. The Feedjit Live Traffic Feed is used by over a Million publishers. Some of [… The post Sedo weekly s
TheDomains  -   2/21/2017 4:32 PM